Don't you just hate it when you find the PERFECT candle vessel only to turn your nose at the candle scent?  Or maybe you LOVE LOVE LOVE your candle jar and are afraid to burn the candle because you don't want to have to throw it away?  No need to worry, Dragonfly Road has your solution!  Committed to a "greener" way of living, we are maximizing our products in the most minimalistic manor we can by offering candle wax refill pouches in a variety of aromas.  

I bet you are on the fence about this aren't you?  Don't be!  We have made, tested, re-tested and then tested again the refill wax pouches and I stand firm when I say "THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME!" Not only is the scent throw undeniable, the ease of use is fantastic.  It is so easy, basically it is a "heat & pour" method.  The best part is you can pick and choose your favorite scents to put in your most love containers. 

Choose from one of our designer luxury or snarky rustic vessels (or dare to use one of your own).  (recommended for use with 2-3.5 inch in diameter vessels with no more than a 12 fluid ounce volume).  Choose your favorite scent from our various candle wax pouches  (available in 12 fluid ounces only).  Now we do all the hard work preparing your order while you anxiously wait for it to arrive.  (Shipping lead time is approximately 5-7 days). 

Included in your candle wax pourch kit:

  • 1 pouch of scented candle wax (12 fluid ounces only)
  • 2 different sized wicks (1 for candle jars measuring approximately 2-2.75" and 1 for candle jars measuring approximately 2.75-3" in diameter) already pre-tabbed and ready to go in your vessel
  • 1 candle wick centering device
  • Directional card

26 products

26 products